Sci Comm Workshops

For postdocs

From engaging the public to explaining your research to funders, science communication has become a vital practical skill and an area of scientific research.

So what are the dos and don’ts, the best practices, and the things you can actually practice?

In this series of workshops, we’ll do two things: First, we’ll cover everything from how to communicate your complexity to a non-scientific audience to how to structure and write an opinion piece — with lots in between.

Second, we’ll also workshop the workshop, so you’ll have the fundamentals and materials to pass on the basics to your colleagues and future students.

Please RSVP if you are interested at this link, which asks a few questions about about logistics. Your email will be retained only for the purposes of letting you know when the workshops will take place.

Upcoming Events

The Trinity COVID-19 Project and INITIATE collaborated on three live events over Facebook and YouTube for European Researcher’s Night on Friday Sept 24. You can watch a recording of the events here.

Professor Ursular Fearon in her lab. Photo by Trevor Butterworth


TSBI collaborates in a pan-European programme to train the next generation of viral immunometabolism experts

By Aisling Cameron

Professor Ursular Fearon in her lab. Photo by Trevor Butterworth

New Research

The Eureka Chain

Subtle changes in the membrane of a bacterial cell could help it evade the immune system; a new paper from TBSI researchers in Nature Communications explains its molecular structure and function

By Trevor Butterworth

Professor Ursular Fearon in her lab. Photo by Trevor Butterworth

New Research

Research Breakthrough May Predict Rheumatoid Arthritis

Collaboration between Molecular Rheumatology, Trinity Biomedical Science Institute and St. Vincent’s University Hospital seeks to identify people at risk of developing the disease

By Trevor Butterworth

Science Communication

Behind the Lab Coat

Conceived in lockdown, Dr Megan Hanlon’s podcast illuminates the lives of Irish scientists

By Aisling Cameron

From the Academic Director

A Message from the Academic Director

By Professor Kingston Mills

From the Operations Manager

TBSI has a Golden Opportunity

New Operations Manager sets out his vision for TBSI

By Trevor Butterworth


NMR Spectrometry in TBSI

Lower access costs to broaden user base and encourage more experimentation

By Dr Keith Alden 

We want to tell the story of science at TBSI.

We want to tell the stories of the people who write the papers; we want to explain the challenges they face, the obstacles they face, and, in doing so, convey the ingenuity, passion, and dedication that lie behind scientific discovery.

TBSI News is our experiment in doing this.

And as the spirit of TBSI is one of collaboration, we can’t create a successful experiment without you.

Tell us about what you’re doing.

And we’ll do our best to tell the world.

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