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A Message from the Academic Director

Professor Kingston Mills in his lab at TBSI

By Professor Kingston Mills

Iam very pleased to share the first issue of our new TBSI newsletter and keep you up to date with the latest news from the Institute. TBSI is an environment where innovative and interdisciplinary research approaches have and are continuing to lead to scientific discoveries of biomedical importance, ultimately giving rise to therapies and technologies that may positively impact on patient care. The last year, in particular, has highlighted the value of the research that is carried out in TBSI and all the efforts made by all staff, students, and researchers.

Significant changes have been made by all of us in the way we work to allow us to continue with our research during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the situation has not been ideal, I believe we have all discovered within ourselves new capabilities, resourcefulness, and a sense of solidarity in the face of a shared challenge that makes me confident for the future. Despite the use of video calls and everyone’s best efforts to keep in contact, one area that has undoubtedly suffered recently is our ability to communicate efficiently. Effective research is a team effort and dependent on communication between Principal Investigators, Postdoctoral researchers and PhD students, while effective teaching is dependent on clear and easy communication between lecturers, technical staff and students.

I am very happy to launch this newsletter and hope it will offer an insight into the research carried out by the various PIs and their research teams in TBSI and its potential future impact on human health. I hope it will also offer some context and understanding of the people, history, technology, resources, and teams behind the work and that it may even lead to enhanced communication and collaborations across research labs and schools in TBSI.

Kingston Mills is Professor of Experimental Immunology, School of Biochemistry and Immunology, Trinity College Dublin (TCD). He is Head of The Centre for the Study of Immunology at Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute and Theme Champion for Immunology, Inflammation and Infection at TCD. For more, see his college biography.

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